Newborn Photography Lanarkshire

Newborn Photography Sessions

Celebrate and capture the earliest days in your baby’s life by experiencing one of our Newborn shoots! Usually, we suggest that these take place in the first 2-3 weeks of your baby’s life as this is when they are at their sleepiest to capture those tiny little details, wee baby wrinkles and all round newborn loveliness! Don’t worry if your wee one is early, though! We are well versed in working with Premature babies, being parents of a 33 weeker ourselves! 

Fully Inclusive

We don’t believe that you should have to pay for the experience in the studio, then pay to actually get your pictures. That idea just doesn’t sit right with us. That’s why, as a standard, we include all edited digital images, watermark-free, with every studio package. You will have approximately 20 digital images at the end of your shoot. Your shoot also includes a choice of backdrop and wrap. We have a huge range of stunning materials and colours to choose from. We also hold a stunning range of handmade halos and tiebacks for baby girls and some wee ‘bunnets’ and hats/outfits for the boys. Don’t forget the angel wings too! This is all included in our essentials package.

For those of you that want some beautiful wall art, frames or canvases – we have some packages for those too! Read on to find out more.

Newborn Photography Lanarkshire

Essentials Package

We recommend everyone books in on the Essentials Package which does what it says on the tin! This gives you the studio time, use of backdrops, wraps. halos, tiebacks, outfits and any other props within the studio and all the edited digital images from the shoot (approximately 20). This comes in at £250. Clients can then view the beautiful wall art/photobooks etc. in the studio at their shoot and decide if they want to add anything.


All edited digital images included

8X8 Photobook 

20×20 Art Block Canvas with your chosen image.

24×24 Multi-image Frame of your choice


All edited digital images included: Yes

8X8 Photobook :

20×20 Art Block Canvas with your chosen image.:

24×24 Multi-image Frame of your choice:  ➖


Little Miracles

All edited digital images included: Yes

8X8 Photobook : Yes

20×20 Art Block Canvas with your chosen image.:

24×24 Multi-image Frame of your choice:  ➖


Precious Memories

All edited digital images included: Yes

8X8 Photobook :

20×20 Art Block Canvas with your chosen image.: Yes

24×24 Multi-image Frame of your choice:  ➖



All edited digital images included: Yes

8X8 Photobook :

20×20 Art Block Canvas with your chosen image.:

24×24 Multi-image Frame of your choice:  Yes



How long does the shoot take?

We advise clients to leave up to 3-4 hours for the shoot in total. This sounds like A LOT of time, we know! However, from experience, it is common that your wee one will need some time to be fed and settled to stay settled for the shoot.

Is everything included?

Yes! Your time, the backdrops, wraps, props, halos, tiebacks, hats – EVERYTHING is lncluded – even all your edited digital images (approximately 20). 

What’s your style of photography?

Our style of photography for newborn babies is very classic. We don’t overly pose them. We don’t do composite pictures (for example where a picture is taken then superimposed onto another prop/backdrop that wasn’t actually there on the day). We will wrap the baby, if they will tolerate it, and if they don’t we have other ways of capturing each and every little tiny detail in all its beauty. 

Do I need to bring anything?

We always advise clients to bring themselves, the baby (this is helpful! haha!), lots of milk, changes of clothes for the wee one just in case of any accidents, and also a change of clothes for you. We like to include a family picture or two in the shoot, if you want them, and we have had occasions where the baby has had an accident all over dad’s crisp white t-shirt just before I took the shot! Luckily, Dad was prepared and had brought a spare white t-shirt with him, so he was able to get changed. If you have anything of sentimental value that you’d like to bring along, please do so and we will try our best to incorporate these in the shoot. In the past, people have brought in shawls that were knitted by mum’s gran (who was no longer with us and had knitted it for mum!); boxing gloves of an uncle who had passed away; little teddies made of clothes of a passed on relative…anything is welcome.

Have you got access to a toilet?

Yes, we have toilet facilities within the main house, which you are welcome to use. This is on the ground level.

Are your breastfeeding friendly?

We are proudly a ‘Breastfeeding Friendly Business’ in Scotland. Please let us know if you need anything to make you feel more comfortable at any stage.

Can siblings attend?

We more than welcome the baby’s siblings. However we do usually suggest that they attend for the first part of the session – approximately 30 minutes to 45 minutes – then if it’s possible, if someone could pick them up. The reason for this, particularly with young children, is it’s a long time and it can get quite boring for them. It also means mum or dad’s attention is split between all the children which is stressful for them at the best of times, let alone when trying to get the perfect shots of your beautiful newborn. We aren’t being rude, by any manner of means, but we do ask that you consider this if you’re bringing along siblings.

Are family photos incuded?

Immediate family photos are included in the shoot. We always encourage you to have some family pictures taken as this stage is such a short period of time and we want to make memories for you to cherish in years to come.

How long is it before I receive my images?

We usually advise clients to allow up to 3 weeks for your gallery of images to be delivered. Usually you will have them before this, but just in case we are particularly busy, we like to make sure we set your expectations.

Can I only choose one colour of wrap/backdrop/halo?

No, you can choose up to two colours of backdrop and halos etc. Depending on how settled the baby is at the session, it might not be possible to use both colours, but we aim to give you two choices.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

We do ask for a £50 non-refundable deposit. This secures your session. It can be moved to a different session once baby is here, and we confirm your appointment, however it is non-refundable.